Space Kettle - Space Kettle

Space Kettle

A whole new kettle of remarkably intelligent fish.

In other words, a think tank like no other

Space Kettle is not currently operational! Feel free to have a look around – we’ll be launching shortly, so be sure to work on your ideas and come back later!

In short

With the big organizations like NASA and SpaceX hard at work developing the next generation of launch vehicles, we’re entering a new era of commercial spaceflight. Your job at Space Kettle is to design the appliances, facilities and systems the industry will one day rely on!

What’s the point?

We don’t doubt that these things could be figured out by the bigger companies once they get round to it, but why not save them the effort? We’re creating an open database for them to draw from when the time comes.

What’s in it for me?

By taking a few minutes out of your day to submit a design, you’re helping play your part in the new age of aerospace! You can submit whatever you’re interested in – the choice is yours (look here for some inspiration)! There’s also an annual grand prize for the best design of the year – don’t miss out!

Image credits NASA

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