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We need you!

NASA, SpaceX and Blue Origin, to name but a few, are busy developing the next generation of spacecraft, to make commercial space travel a reality. But they’ve overlooked one thing – kettles! And not just kettles, but all other sorts of appliances and items, from ticketing systems to in-flight entertainment, which will one day be needed onboard rockets and space stations.

That’s where you come in! Space Kettle is a project to build a database of designs for such things, so that when the time is right these companies are able to draw on pre-developed ideas to help get humans to the stars without delay. Your ideas!

We’re not quite ready yet, but will be launching later this year. Follow our social media to keep up to date with the latest news, and watch this space!

We are proud to be affiliated with the Space Science & Engineering Foundation, who run the UK, European, Middle East and Africa Space Design Competitions, in addition to the Galactic Challenge! These are industry simulations, where secondary school age students create project proposals in response to a futuristic design brief. If you’d like to volunteer or take part, click here!

Submissions are moderated by the Space Kettle data team:

James Perry

Founder of Space Kettle, James is a UK student and student pilot with a love for all things aerospace.

Louis Ayin-Walsh

Louis is a member of the Conex Reseach team, where he develops space-exploration mission concepts as part of the Aerospace Engineering department.

Albert Mery

A hobby-filled student who enjoys rock climbing and electronics. In his spare time, Albert is working on a nuclear fusor in his room…

With thanks to Rohan Selva-Radov, Alex Vatajelu and Jenny Lyons.

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