FAQs - Space Kettle


Here’s a selection of common questions and their answers. If you’ve got a query which isn’t addressed here, please just get in touch with us by email (team@spacekettle.org) or via social media.

– What is Space Kettle?

Space Kettle is a collaborative community with the common goal of creating a database of logistics networks, systems and articles which will one day be required for commercial space travel, but the big companies aren’t bothering about yet. It’s a think tank of sorts.

Our aims are:

  • To promote an interest in young people for space exploration
  • To put the creativity of everyday people to good use

– Who can take part?

Although our target audience is sixth form/high school students (ages 16-18), this project is open to absolutely everyone!

– What should I submit?

Any article which could one day be useful for commercial space travel is welcome, and the specific choice is entirely yours! The format of the submission is also up to you, but the best designs are usually accompanied by some form of illustration, sketch or CAD render. We accept rough sketches!

– How come Space Kettle isn’t up and running yet?

We’ve unfortunately experienced a few delays trying to nail the details, so everything runs smoothly when we do. Although we don’t know how long this will take, we’re still aiming to launch later this year and are doing everything we can to make Space Kettle a reality!

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